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  • Robert Cathey (Juniper/
  • VMB (Juniper)
  • James Kelly (Juniper)
  • Jennifer Fowler (Juniper/
  • Chaitanya Kadiyala (Juniper)
  • Jill Lovato (LF)
  • Maddison Long (CloudOps)


  • Meetups
  • Follow up from last week
    • Demo in LFN booth at ONS (April 3-5, San Jose) (mailing list thread) What, if anything, is Juniper planning to do, and what is TF planning to do?
    • Meetup at ONS 2019? (mailing list thread) Discussed in the CC meeting today (meeting minutes). Hands-on workshop for those who are "TF curious" or "SDN curious"
    • Status of podcasts taped at KubeCon?
    • CloudOps blog forthcoming
    • Dev Summit at KubeCon EU (May 20-23, Barcelona)
  • Next major release? RLB not ready to talk about this until the release train is separated from Juniper. Q2 target.
  • Any new CFPs since last week? 
  • Any activity on moving TF meetups to LFN Meetup Pro?


  • Update from
    • got cranky; working through it
      • Jennifer will forward email to Chaitanya (who will work with JNPR IT) about getting stuff moved to LFN Meetup Pro account
    • Opportunities to present at local events
      • Jennifer pinged Michael Henkel
      • Jennifer will send requests to the community as well
  • Take down and change DNS to point to Chaitanya will take this w JNPR IT folks
  • Demo proposal for LFN booth at ONS
    • Maddison interested in building off demo from Amsterdam event; will submit that to Brandon
  • YouTube
    • Video content is slim at best right now
    • Also, the GUI logo is still OpenContrail, not TF
      • Work was being done on this by Progmatic
      • Slowed (stopped?) by Juniper-reliant build & release process
  • LF events
    • TF will submit a demo (see above)
    • JL: ONS isn't doing official collocated events this year
      • Instead submit to specific tracks; have added more timeslots to accommodate that
    • JL: KubeCon EU
      • will be doing something (or interested in it so far)
    • JK: Can get room space in Juniper for some things, but generally won't have a lot of Juniper resources this year
      • VMB: Sounds like we need more community help
      • JL recommends getting more tuned in with the LFN MAC

Action items

  • VMB will follow up with Alex about the GUI logo
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