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  • Darien Hirotsu (Redapt)
  • Casey Cain (LF)
  • Jim St Leger (Intel)
  • Randy Bias (Juniper)
  • Rupam Choudhury (ATT)
  • VM Brasseur (Juniper)


  • Community Chair and/or Vice Chair
    • Tried to bring this up last week
    • Per the governance doc:
      • Each subcommittee may elect a Chair and optionally a Vice-Chair who is responsible for leading meetings and representing the subcommittee to the TSC.
    • I don't believe this has been done
    • How do we initiate? Do we need to complete the full TSC?
  • LFN Mini-Summit (ONS EU)
  • Service Mesh Day, SF
  • CI/build


  • Casey is still working on converging the TSC members into a single meeting
    • Will send a doodle poll to select the new time for the full TSC
  • Discussion on CI / CD infrastructure within LFN
    • The LFN issue for expressing interest in this working group:
    • There is a lot of interest in saving on costs and optimizing to align to common tools within LFN
    • From Casey: It may be short sighted for TF to not participate
    • From Randy: There are a lot of LF TAC meetings so it would be good to get clarity on specifics
  • Elections
    • One seat left to fill
    • Rupam has self-nominated but isn't ATC yet.
      • Has worked on a lot of specs/blueprints/architecture, so qualifies but for landed commit
      • Randy will nominate him as ATC
  • Community chair?
    • Casey waiting for the committees to get together before doing this election
  • ONS EU
    • Antwerp, Sept 23-25
    • Will be an LFN mini-summit there, probably immediately following ONS
    • Few details yet, just getting this on our radar
  • ONS NA
    • April 3-5
    • Demo submissions due Feb 14
    • Maddison will be submitting a demo
    • Room for more than 1 demo (no guarantee to get more than 1 accepted though)
  • Service Mesh Day
    • Hope to shut down by end of March, developing a plan now
    • Goals
      • decommission
      • preserve links (redirect rather than break)
    • Collecting stack-ranked list of links by popularity
      • May choose to break or redirect to an updated resource for certain links
      • Will need help reviewing this list once we have it
    • Casey: Talk to Brandon about website stuff
  • CI/build

Action items

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