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  • Jennifer Fowler (
  • VMB (Juniper)
  • James Kelly (Juniper)
  • Marta Piechowiak (codilime)
  • Chaitanya Kadiyala (Juniper)
  • Robert Cathey (Cathey Communications)
  • Ryan McMeniman (Juniper)
  • Tim O'Driscoll (Intel)
  • Edward Ting (Lenovo)



  • Meetup Opportunities: 
    • Kubernetes & CNCF Bulgaria - 2/28 -
      • Couldn't find a speaker for this one
    • Prague Containers Meetup
      • Willing to have us there, but trying to find a speaker
    • Cloud Native London - service mesh
      • More interested in service mesh than hands-on lab
    • Canada
      • Maddison working to find something in 3 different cities
  • TF meetups merged with OSNUG under LFN leadership
    • Chaitanya working with the local groups
  • Service Mesh Day
    • SF on March 27:
    • Interesting event & hot in cloud native space
    • Juniper got approval to sponsor it
      • Run a demo
      • Bring TF t-shirts and stickers 
    • Maybe get a Carbide variation that includes Istio?
      • Looking for community devs who are familiar with Istio
      • Will talk to Randy about getting Alex's team to look at this
    • CFP is open until March 01:
    • James will have more info in 2 weeks (on vacation next week)
    • Need to get a lab set up for the demo
  • FYI... Randy Bias briefed Roy Chua of AvidThink (SDxCentral analyst arm) yesterday re: TF overview
    • Overview of TF; project and Carbide
    • He was interested and engaged; good briefing
    • No specific follow up items
  • Documentation WG
    • Unsure what's going on with it
    • Edward wishes to discuss with TSC
    • Redefine role
      • Current: create release notes & guides
      • New…?
    • Much for TSC to discuss & decide

Action Items

  • Update lists for marketing MG and TSC Governance WG
  • Revive demo with Istio for the Service Mesh Day in San Francisco on March 28-29, 2019 -
  • VMB will email Randy & Maddison about getting a Carbide-ish lab set up for Service Mesh Day

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