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  • Update on f2f meeting last week
    • Can't do Hunter release, so not signing up committers for it
    • Need commitment/decision on how many people to commit to this work
  • Moving forward
    • Architectural calls/meetings to discuss ways to integrate TF with XCI
    • Two methods for that
      • Openstack Ansible → tons of resources & this project is now obsolete
        • Pre-Kolla, Pre-Docker Ansible for Openstack, superceded by other things (Kolla & Docker containers)
      • Kubespray
    • DM: Airship…?
      • AL: Working on integrating TF & Airship for JNPR
        • Have nothing against it
      • But opinion of Fatih is that Helm is too buggy for this right now; don't want it in XCI
    • Could also allow vendor installers inside XCI
      • Would get Contrail into XCI in no time this way
      • Faster/easiest way
      • Has architectural disadvantages
        • Deteriorates cleanness of approach & tooling for XCI
    • Integrate TF into Kubespray
      • Introduce another installer to XCI
      • TF can definitely benefit from this; related to OPNFV work, but is a separate thing
  • DM: AL should reach out to Fatih & start a dialogue
    • Try to reach an agreement on the architecture
    • Then can take that to the TSC
  • AL: Sure, but who's driving this?
    • Randy needs to decide on additional resources (2-3)
    • AL will be at Kubecon, could chat with Fatih then
  • DM: OPNFV context
    • TSC + Projects, no real working groups in this project
    • So Fatih, as PTL of the XCI project, to figure out the architecture but is open to input
      • Therefore Fatih is driving it for the architecture
    • AL will start coordinating with Fatih as soon as he gets a green light from Randy


See above

Action items

  • VM Brasseur will ask Randy to coordinate with Alex about committing developers for this