• Action items
    • Kieran moving to a different team & can't take on PTL
      • Unsure whether his replacement can do it
    • No pono; can't get those updates right now
  • Docs Jira
    • Currently empty
    • VMB has an action item to move issues over from GitHub
    • Can start checking on this every week during the call
  • Docs Census
  • Gerrit/repo update
    • Get the docs moved to Gerrit first, so we can dog food it
  • Update on transition of Contrail docs
    • Due to internal Juniper staffing (new hires! woo!), they need more time to get up to speed
    • This will be delayed, probably starting the process in June
  • Will Stevens Gerrit: What are the existing Gerrit criteria?
    • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    • Need to ask pono
  • Lots of talk about CLAs wrt Gerrit

Action items