• Welcome Tatsuya Naganawa!
    • Bring with them a getting started doc
  • Docs Census
    • swill has gotten a start on it (In no way complete)
    • Listing docs already on the site
      • Calling out spots that are unclear
    • Noting the mix of TF & Juniper assets
    • Trying to get some insight into this
    • VMB suggests that maybe Tatsuya may have great insight into that
      • swill: If Tastuya could share links, that would be great
  • CLA stuff is still a mess and we need to schedule another time to talk about it
    • CLA stuff is not a Docs team problem until we have a process that we can document
    • We will not be resolving or defining that process in this team
  • update
    • Will be shut down soon, redirects
  • Skipping review of docs Jira tickets
  • Update on move to Gerrit
    • Pono has cloned the docs repo & squashed the commits
    • Initial docs import to Gerrit:
    • Gonna get voting members nailed down by next week
    • Once that's done and the patch is merged, we'll definitely be done moving to Gerrit (woo!)
  • Contrail 5.0 docs: 
    • converted docs to .rst
    • sat for a year
    • how to put into TF docs?
      • maybe just a dump of the existing contrail docs
      • better than nothing
      • for 5.0 not 5.1
      • The Great Find and Replace: s/opencontrail/tungstenfabric
    • Will: putting on github so we can use PRs to fix up sounds good
    • Vicky: available under Apache
    • Find and replace will be tough due to overuse of contrail
    • Casey: 80% quick solution with find and replace
    • Vicky: Lots to go through, how best to break up work?
    • Take a look at the repo for next week

Action items