• pono; did you get invites to join the docs committers group?
    • swill: yep
  • action items:
    • casey updated calendar entry
    • vicky to reorg repo now that voting rights are in place
  • Jira tickets (new):
  • docs are in gerrit!
    • added members to repo
    • need to look at bots for redirecting people to gerrit instead of PRs
    • Pono: Did TN receive an email to be core on the repo?
      • Nope, will drop LF ID into chat & Pono will send invite
  • Contrail transitional docs
    • TN: Some of the contents are applicable to 5.x
    • Example: this is for 4.x and not 5.x
      • vicky: who knows what's current and what's not?
        • 5.1 docs status
        • 5.0 docs were exported from xml docs and now we are working on the same thing for 5.1 docs
        • need to work with juniper docs team so we can update the TF docs inline with contrail
        • communication is slowed because docs people are currently getting onboarded
        • will have another conversation with docs team at juniper in july
        • try to negotiate another .zip dump for the 5.1 docs
        • should be able to go through the 5.0 docs and flag what isn't current
        • feel free to just open a ticket instead of straight up fixing
      • general update:
        • 2 PRs in waiting
  • call to arms for new community members to ease intro by joining docs team!
    • new RedHat friend (smile)

Action items