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  • Re-branding
    • dh: filled out one of Lisa's templates and will post for discussion
    • lc: post it to the wiki! anyway to get discussion going is appreciated.
  • HashiConf discussion
      • One product in particular has an interesting integration with TF (Consul)
      • Will did a demo on the TF youtube page
    • dh: Redapt is potentially attending or sponsoring a booth. The audience is largely DevOps, so given some of the TFs goals, it might be a place to developers looking at TF.
    • lc: any CFPs? it's best to include the LF when it comes to events.
    • dh: not sure (will check). if Redapt attends, we could help via "grass-roots" like a demo booth.
    • lc: LFN has a wherehouse of TF swag, so would be good to coordinate

Action items