• Action items
    • Syed got Gary added to the docs
  • Docs Jira tickets
    • A bunch of them!
    • Grab a doc ticket & try to work on it…but expect to fail
    • Document where you hit roadblocks!
  • TF transitional docs
    • PLEASE have a look at them so we can merge these PRs
    • TN will have a look this week
      • Starting at A
    • Someone else, please start from the bottom of the alphabet (Syed)
    • Get one +1 on each, merge; not waiting for +2s
  • Docs census
    • Gary now lending a hand to Will
    • Will will be having a look today as well; will coordinate with Gary
    • Once we have this we can create a plan of attack for the docs
    • GG & WS will collaborate to get more eyes on the Docs Census and contributing links that are missing
  • Other topics
    • Will going to be working on the Ansible deployer: how to get a k8s running with Ansible
      • Will help operators to stand up TF more easily 
      • Would be great to have another option to tf-devstack, which is great for contributors
    • SA: Ansible deployer works, but deploys its own k8s cluster
      • Looking at other CNI & how they deploy
      • They're all much simpler
      • WS: Would need manifests that are tracked/versioned to simplify
    • SA: After Ansible deployment are things that don't work
      • More setup needed but it's not documented yet
      • Fayaz is working on documentation for this (omg thank you!)
  • We need more help!
    • How can we get more people to help out?
    • WS: Gerrit is a hard sell for quick contributions (VMB: agreed)
      • Gerrit UI/UX venting ensued
      • We'll need to create an "Intro to Gerrit" doc
    • WS: Before we get more people involved, need to get a more clear picture of what people should expect when they contribute
      • VMB: Hear hear
    • VMB: Also, Jira tickets are contributions
      • As people find docs problems, ask them to open Jira tickets

Action items