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Website discussion. 

  • Remove Architecture Review Board from Leadership lists on Community Page? RB: Inactive, supposed to be a transitional thing with an expiration, but for now would just need to let a couple of the folks know we'd be doing this. LC: This portion of the website is mainly a pointer for newcomers to leaders they can reach out to. If the ARB is inactive, doesn't make a lot of sense to point people at that. RB: Agreed, just let me give a heads up to those folks.
  • Structure of Documentation page. (Currently a github page, not a native Wordpress page). Set up that way so that devs working in Github can easily update docs and have them render on the docs page. Want to convert this page to a WP page, have "Docs" be one component, just a link that goes to GitHub or wherever Documentation is housed. (Similar to other Resources icons, eg YouTube, etc)

VM (Vicky) Brasseur (she/her) Question about status of moving to ReadtheDocs.  (9/13 update: mid-October)

Social Media - who has access to Twitter, YouTube? Jill Lovato

Need a "how to" guide for getting things posted to various places for the community to follow.