• Update on docs repo renaming (Pono)
    • No Pono yet; cover later
  • Patch #50
    • DH is working through the comments
    • Lots of stuff needs work (required fields, etc)
    • Will update the patch w/the easy stuff (de-Contrailed)
    • Then get the patch onto the Infra agenda for the next call (or at least over email)
  • DDF planning
    • WS: tf-devstack is for CI testing, not setting up a devenv, which is a problem for testing your changes locally
      • Currently only way to run is to point at a repo/containers
      • Testing your stuff requires building your own containers, including duplicating all of the repos, dependencies, etc
      • Every time there's an update upstream, you need to redo all that work
    • WS: Working on a way to improve deploying the CNI in k8s
      • Work on environment variables instead of pulling data from the host
      • Generate manifest independent on where the script is running
      • Can point at local containers ad hoc
      • Blueprint here:
    • WS: Devs right now have dedicated systems for testing
      • No one knows how a new contributor would get set up or test anything
    • There is no documentation at all about tf-devstack
      • It has multiple layers, all the way down to ansible deployer
      • There's a lot of work happening on tf-devstack right now, so could be a good opportunity to engage with Progmatic to get docs and roadmap for it
  • Update on docs repo renaming (Pono)
    • Moving to tungstenfabric/docs to get the mirroring to work
    • Should be done by EOD
    • Then RTD will work again, woo!
    • Might also experiment with GitHub Actions

Action items