• Action items?
    • Pono: document mirroring and process for handling new patches
  • Patch #50
  • Wiki pages in OpenContrail GH?
    • Various OpenContrail repos have some wiki content
    • VMB: Are these in the docs census?
      • DH: Not seeing any references.
    • We'll need to review these & come up with a plan (ticket forthcoming)
  • Plan for 2020
    • Pono: Get the Zuul stuff going for testing (once Zuul's running)
    • DH: Working on recruiting more folks for the team
    • VMB: Help is coming?
    • VMB: We need a metric to shoot for docs
      • Suggestion:
        • Number of new contributors
    • DH: NRE Labs content?
      • VMB: No movement yet
      • DH: Poked around looking at how to contribute there, will look into adding some content

Action items