This is our 2020 priorities in order of importance.  Please see 2019 TSC Priorities for last year's priorities and a rough list of accomplishments in that context.

  1. Attract New Developers (Contributors)
    1. Amp up dev outreach: DDFs, meetups, greater China outreach (see below)
      1. Meetup coordination
    2. Create and deliver TF Developer Guide v1
      1. Should work in tandem with the TF Arch Guide
    3. Localization of TF UI and documentation (stretch goal)
      1. Simplified Chinese
      2. 2nd choice (TBD) 
  2. Improve Ease of Use
    1. Evaluate our ease of use against another benchmark (Calico?)
    2. Documentation, content, and website overhaul
    3. Revisit/revise installation automation (APIs, YAML-based installations, etc.)
    4. Online help (UI/Analytics)
  3. Increase TF User Adoption
    1. Identify lighthouse users of TF (not Contrail)
      1. Interview for UX feedback, possible user stories
      2. Establish user advisory group
    2. Hone messaging and collateral for ~3 top use cases
    3. Develop content syndication plan (digital - webinars/virtual conferences, formal speaking, meetups)
    4. Gain traction in the Kubernetes ecosystem
  4. Improve China Outreach
    1. Expanded outreach in China
      1. Greater media engagement in technical publications
      2. Meetups / workshops
    2. TF Dev Guide v1 in Simplified Chinese (above)
    3. China-friendly community meeting times (TBD)
  5. Rigorous Build/Release Process
    1. Plan for moving to monthly releases
    2. End all dependency on Juniper
    3. Greatly increased levels of testing and testing automation, particularly performance and regression testing
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