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  • Action item review
    • No progress yet (CC's been sick); will look into it 
  • Reviewing how the virtual meeting went
    • Good idea, but didn't really get a lot of traction
    • Will probably try it again later, but not until we have more momentum with the group
    • LFN TAC also looking into virtual event template
  • Epic review
    • Notes in the ticket(s)
  • Virtual hackathon
    • Not making a ton of progress on the epic
    • Would it be better if we could find a block of time (4 hours or so) when everyone can "get together" (virtually) to work on stuff?
    • VMB will email docs@ to start the discussion

Action items

  • Casey Cain Look into why Abirami's patch isn't linked on the Jira ticket:  TFB-1553 - How to review a patch in Gerrit OPEN
  • Casey Cain to update Gerrit related tickets to recommend waiting for the Gerrit to GitHub TSC Resolution to be voted upon.