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  • Updates from Pono!
    • GH changes their API & now requires OAUTH
    • None of the tools we can use are up to date with that yet
      • Pono may need to write his own
      • So the scope of this has grown unexpectedly
    • Are some paid tools that might do it
      • VMB points out that we do have money we can use 
      • Pono will bring this up at the TSC call
  • Jenkins
    • Thought just adding a jenkins file will work
    • Progmatic is being slow linking GH
      • Currently no integration with GH at all
      • Turns out it requires webhooks and etc
    • Having CI run by a 3rd party is really becoming a snag
      • VMB: Need a transition plan for this; get CI access in more diverse set of hands
  • easyCLA

Action items