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Title: Native Support for Windows Containers in Tungsten Fabric

Windows Server 2016 together with Docker have finally brought support for native containers on Windows. It opened up new paths of development for Tungsten Fabric. 
Up to this point, to run a Windows application within a TF-controlled environment, one had to run a Windows VM on a Linux compute node. 
Those resource-intensive and latency-creating limitations will soon become memories, because future releases of TF will more natively support Windows containers in Tungsten Fabric. 

In this session, we'll talk about the reasoning behind bringing TF to Windows, the challenges we had to solve, and the features you can expect in future releases of TF. 
We'll also show a short demo to illustrate how this change is just around the corner for TF users who rely on Windows.

Presenter:  Michał Cłapiński, CodiLime,

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