Planned deadlines

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  • Declaration of participation in the simultaneous release
  • Blueprint proposal represented as a Jira EPIC ticket
  • Feature lead assigned to Jira Epic ticket
  • The initial version of Increment Blueprint stored on github/tf-spec/Release folder,
  • The blueprint presented, discussed and approved by related approvers
  • Release Scope Overview updated accordingly, agreed, approved by TSC
  • The initial version of the Release Plan for the project presented
  • Dependencies between projects/components/areas identified
  • Participating projects and initial Release scope approved by TSC 


  • Not all Tech Leaders pointed by Juniper are registered on Tungsten Fabric (lack of login, contact)
  • Description of blueprints not available for TF (links refer to Juniper side)


  • Features leaders not registerd in LF/Jira
  • Blueprint approval process not agreed
  • Blueprint template not agreed


  • Features leaders not registerd in LF/Jira
  • Blueprint approval process not agreed - rework, approvers still needed
  • Blueprint template agreed, but moved rather to  tf-specs  repo


  • Most of blueprint presented/approved (15 out of 19)
  • TFF-12 and TFF-15 will be discussed clarified at  


  • All dependencies between existing functionality and requested change/feature discussed and agreed by PTL and related approvers (based on Modules/Commiters)
  • Jira Epic ticket broken down into stories in related Jira project (backlog, plan) - presented and discussed on TWS meeting
  • The final version of Blueprints, Release Scope and Release Plans for participating projects discussed and approved by approvers



  • Technical design fully provided, agreed (documentation on the Confluence/github/tf-spec available)
  • Jira Epic ticket updated with link to technical design
  • Documentation started
  • Feature tests started
  • Feature/Functionality Freeze - Technical Design approved by relevant approvers (Modules/Commiters)



  • External API available for beta-tests
  • Jira Epic ticket updated with information about API availability (documentation link - tf repo)
  • Documentation in progress
  • Tests in progress
  • API Freeze confirmed by Feature Lead (comment on Jira Epic ticket with repo/commit ID link)
Critical - must be aligned with Juniper timeline



  • all functionality and APIs available for testing
  • Jira Epic ticket updated with information about final API documentation, executed UI tests documentation
  • Documentation provided - confirmed by Documentation project PTL
  • Code freeze confirmed by Feature Lead (comment on Jira Epic ticket) - only bug fixing allowed

From now on, discussion about release candidates may be conducted


  • Release candidates agreed, approved, tested
  • System tests conducted, quality confirmed by CI/CD PTL (should we have some QA? Security?)
  • Final documentation provided, reviewed, approved by Documentation PTL
  • Marketing information provided to Marketing Advisory Council - confirmed by Brandon Wick?
  • release branch cut off - branch stabilization from now on
  • Release Candidates freeze, confirmed by PTL and TSC(?)


delay with testing - so date is moved till mid of December

Release notes, documentation, diff between previous version are needed 





Deployment is still considered at this date (  )

 *(info from TSC meeting - Nick and Alexandre)

14th December is a little shaky due to some recent issues - 21st is more realistic

 Release notes and known error added. We need to clarify Docker Hub images IDs

Scope (based on Jira assignment to FixVersion R2011)

Release board -

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