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  • Action item review
    • Will Stevens isn't on to report back
    • Jim St. Leger is listen-only for now; will swing around to him later in the call
    • Sukhdev Kapur in a holding pattern on giving info to pono; asked to hand it over in one big lump so waiting for that
      • Got the ARB list to Brandon for updating the website
  • June Developer Design Forum (DDF)
    • Cross-project for all LFN
    • Scheduled for 2nd week of June at Stockholm Convention Center
    • Hoping for 4 days but may only be 3
    • More info on the way ASAP, today or tomorrow
    • VMB: This seems like a new thing?
      • JsL: Yes, many questions; is this our developer event…? We never discussed this?
      • probb: Used to have independent events for projects (plugfests, PTG)
        • Opted to consolidate as cross-project now with LFN
          • Started with ONAP/OPNFV in January & it went well
        • June chosen to line up with current ONAP/OPNFV schedules
        • Use wiki to coordinate topics
    • VMB recommends DDF plans be a standing agenda item
    • SK: Forum would be very useful! But not sure whether we can get people there…?
      • ccain: should try to get as many community members there as possible
  • Next DDF plan?
    • Hoping for November-December
      • Also based around OPNFV-ONAP release schedule, which is moving
      • So may actually be in January-February
    • No venue yet
  • Talk about the planned architectural changes
    • SK: The stuff Nachi presented many months ago
  • LFN Summit acceptance!
  • Blueprints to review?
    • JG: Not getting blueprints until after 5.1?
      • ccain: Seems to be the case
    • JG: Good to approve these from the business side in this meeting
      • Handle the architectural details/approval in the technical meeting
    • JG: Approve business side first to save time not covering deep technical details of something we're not going to add to the roadmap?
    • SK: Will this slow down the process? Need to keep the velocity.
      • Aim to have entire approval process done in a week
      • Perhaps parallel rather than serial? Async process?
    • ccain: Define this blueprint process & add to the docs

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