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  • No action items or new tickets to review
  • Rescheduled Jira consultation
    • TBD
  • Update on gating
  • Update on Zuul


  • Rescheduled Jira consultation
  • Update on gating
  • Zuul
    • Alex: got greenlight from Marcus to start moving to new zuul
      • still pointing at
  • LF analytics
  • Putting meeting on hold 
    • Will check with TSC and TWS groups to see if we need this meeting with everything else going on
    • Alex: Nothing much to do until repo migrations and other infra bits start moving
    • Casey: Did we look at anything else, ie Azure CI?
    • Alex: No, just ported the Juniper model into community managed infra
      • Works well for big community
    • Casey: There are new CI options being talked about amongst LFN projects
    • Alex: There seems to be some doubts with gerrit so other options might be useful to look at
      • since zuul requires gerrit
    • Casey: Can invite to LFN working group to get more community input
    • Gary: Sore point: a lot of community tools and procedures which are easily used by long term members
      • but we should be doing a better job about serving newer members
    • Casey:  We recognize that we need to be doing a better job for new members
      • as well as cost concerns, are we still using the right tools

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