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Standing Members

All community members are welcome to attend and participate in the meetings, but these people will be on pretty much every single call and are very active in the working group.

Meeting Schedule

This meeting happens every Tuesday at 1600 UTC and takes place on Zoom.

The meeting URL is

Current Action Items:

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
Sukhdev Kapur2019-06-04 Infra WG Notes
  • Daniel Pono Takamorisend email to dev/tsc@ for adding README notes to redirect to instead of GH issues
Daniel Pono Takamori2019-05-28 Infra WG Meeting notes
  • Andrey: Send links to Vexxhost Zuul builds
2019-05-14 Infra WG Meeting
  • Andrey: Post more stats about the AWS instance
2019-05-14 Infra WG Meeting
  • Alex/Andrey: Collect info on CI setup/workflow for documentation
2019-05-14 Infra WG Meeting
Daniel Pono Takamori2019-05-14 Infra WG Meeting
  • Carlo Contavalli, Marcus, Alex will coordinate to write a proposal doc for how to migrate between Gerrits and share with the community
Carlo Contavalli2019-04-23 Infra WG Meeting notes
  • Randy Bias Talk to Bikash. Sukhdev needs more support & permission to release the information he has now.
Randy Bias2019-04-16 Infra WG Meeting notes