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  • Action items
    • Mostly for people who aren't here today
    • Darien Hirotsu will have the release notes ready in time for the Docs call next week
  • TF topics for the LFN newsletter
    • Not sure where this topic came from
    • Bumping to marketing call tomorrow
  • LFN Infra WG
    • Surveys went out & came back
    • #1 thing by a high margin was a complaint about LFN tooling (which ones?)
    • Seeing less engagement from new developers, suspect tooling is turning them off
    • LF wants Infra WG to re-form at the TAC level to collect more data
      • How to improve for new contributors?
      • What tools to provide?
    • VMB: TF isn't represented at all in the Summary Report (link above)
      • We didn't participate, and we can do better
    • alevine: Team is tool agnostic
      • People w/opinions should participate, not the infra team
    • CC: Gonna send doodle poll this week; need a name for a rep
      • VMB: No rep yet, please send poll to tsc@ as we figure it out
  • DDF
    • Developer Design Forums (plugfest)
    • TF hasn't come to consensus about what to do here
      • Loosely discussed doing it at ONS, or with ONAP/OPNFV
    • Looking for venue
      • Trying to find one for a DDF in conjunction w/ONAP/OPNFV
      • Had one, but it went AWOL
      • Now not sure when/where a DDF would happen
    • LC: For all projects together? Or just TF?
      • CC: Probably both, but TF could go it alone instead I guess
      • All space is gone already for ONS EU
    • 2 questions
      • Do our own event at/around ONS (not the upcoming one)?
      • Do we want to continue trying to do the joint DDF?
    • LC: Usually for DDFs a member company provides a venue
      • So for a TF DDF, Juniper could certainly provide a venue if people are willing to travel to it
      • Other member companies can help with stuff like catering, for example
    • CC: TF has $20K in the budget for the DDF
      • Which, btw, won't go very far at all
    • VMB: Whether we do something in conjunction w/LFN projects or do our own is a red herring. Can do both
      • Recommend 2-4 regular DDFs a year for devs to get together to plan upcoming development
      • Spread them around the world as possible
    • WS: Makes a lot of sense for these to be near/around events, leverage existing concentration of people
      • Easier to get budget & approval
    • Summary
      • Appetite for TF to run own DDFs for simplicity
      • Try to run them around another event to appeal to a broader audience
      • Funding TBD
      • Try to get sponsorship from member companies
    • VMB: If an event, ONS EU won't work (too soon). KubeCon NA?
      • CC will ask for space

Action items

  •  Darien Hirotsuwill confirm on  that the Release notes for 5.1 are complete.
  •  Casey Cain will send the Infra WG meeting time doodle poll to the TF TSC mailing list.  Members that are interested in participating will fill out the poll.
  •  Casey Cain will ask for space at KubeCon NA