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  • Heather wrt LF event planning
    • Technical developer events planning for 2020
    • Has been frustration over how last-minute a lot of these events have been from the TF perspective (and for others as well)
    • Plan for 2020: get in front of the planning
    • Want 4 cross-LFN events a year
      • 2 workshops collocated with ONES (one each NA & EU) (it's ON*E*S now because it includes Edge)
      • 2 week long events, more in depth
        • Will get these set earlier in the year to make it possible for people to plan for travel
    • So things will be much more planned in advance next year
      • More efficiency
      • More cross-project opportunities
    • Next event: Prague in January
      • ONAP/CNTT/OPNFV + testing program for VNFs
      • If we want to participate, may have space but might be tight on time for planning
  • TWS calls
    • Weekly thus far
    • Joseph was leading, but he's moving to another role
    • Who wants to take over?
    • Prabhjot: more important things
      • Need attendance by all TC members
      • Need a release plan
    • VMB suggests Prabhjot take the reins
      • PS is +1
    • VMB with a big brain dump that she'll try to summarise here later if she can
  • TAC update
    • LFN Infra WG
      • Invite on folk's calendars if they've expressed interest in participating
    • Cross community collaboration group
      • Please add your name to the wiki page above if you'd like to participate
      • Want to start by building an inventory of existing cross community projects
    • Technical white paper
      • Summarise the technical aspects of LFN
      • ID where the projects fit into things, find dependencies & touchpoints & gaps
      • Add your name to the wiki page if you'd like to participate
  • Github mirroring and repo naming
    • Set up mirroring from TF Gerrit to GH back in the day
      • Decided not to have tf- in the repo names
      • Causing problems
        • Mirroring expects all repos to have same naming scheme
        • But don't have a consistent naming scheme right now and it's giving the mirroring fits
        • Primarily a problem for docs right now
    • General issue will be doing this for all repos
      • Lots to consider
      • Pono will email with more info
  • Next TF release
    • Prabhjot: need to figure this out
    • VMB: Maybe at the DDF? Discuss more?
    • +1 from PS
  • PRC community launch
    • Update from Sukhdev to Marketing?
    • A mostly internal email is floating around about it but nothing to the MWG yet
  • TF community analytics are live
    • Partial data so far, hope to have more by mid next week
    • Casey will get us a list of the targets for the data its using

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