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  • Robert Cathey (Juniper/
  • Jill Lovato (LF)
  • Chaitanya Kadiyala (Juniper)
  • James Kelly (Juniper)
  • Jennifer Fowler (Juniper/
  • Maddison Long (CloudOps)
  • Marta Piechowiak (CodiLime)
  • Tim O'Driscoll (Intel)
  • VMB (Juniper)
  • Brandon Wick (LF)


  • Review action items from last week's meeting
  • Discuss CodiLime demo proposal
  • Meetups in various stages of planning
  • Status of moving TF meetups to Meetup Pro
  • What else from needs to be moved to (working list)
  • Any new CFPs since last week? 


  • Meeting time?
    • Current time doesn't work well for EU
    • Suggestion: Friday 8AM PST
  • MAC seat for the project, + structure for running this meeting
    • Jill (JL): LF takes the lead on projects where not as many people step up for the marketing WG; not the problem here (woo!)
    • Brandon (BW): Some other LFN projects do a monthly frequency; that works for their schedule but weekly does not
    • BW: Will need a TF MWG lead at some point
      • This person will become the LFN MAC liaison
    • VMB: Maybe instead of a half hour every week, an hour every other week
      • JK: Tried that, didn't work as well; shorter but more frequent works better
  • BW: Next LFN MAC meeting is next week
    • Can TF have someone there?
    • Maddison has volunteered! Good on ya, sir! (also the CloudOps rep for the MAC)
  • LFN booth demo for ONS?
    • Feb 13th deadline
    • Maddison is sending in the application
  • LFN unconference at ONS
    • Half scheduled sessions, half open
    • Marta & Codilime may have content for the open sessions
  • KubeCon EU 
    • There's an LFN event happening there.
    • We'll have notice to get prepared for participation
  • Meetups?
    • Opportunities in Eastern Europe
    • Working on the Meetup throttling
    • Working on getting Meetup moved to LF Pro account
    • Maddison: Some opportunities in the Bay Area, coordinate with Bin Hu
    • CloudOps has good leads for meetups in Canada

Action items