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  • Pono update
    • Need a PR +1 so it'll land
      • Risk of YOLO merging now w/only 1 review?
      • Very low; passing tests & fixes stuff
    • Gerrit is now read-only, so GitHub is primary
    • Will include a Jenkins file today so Jenkins will work (Progmatic will wire it up on their end)
    • Ticket in for easyCLA
      • Concern: It's org-wide to enable this, not repo level
      • Sounds like they'll need to modify the code to make it happen
      • Doesn't sound like it'd be a lot of time, but who knows
  • Jira update
    • Not able to make a lot progress (was sick)
    • Still evaluating which scripts to use to transfer Jira tickets
      • Usual ones require admin on Jira; rather not do that
    • Once that's does, will create a Jira component "See GitHub" or some such then mark all the tickets with that
      • Also close out the tickets
    • Expect to have it done next week
  • Transition Summary
    • Jenkins will be done
    • Issues will be done
    • easyCLA outstanding
      • MEANS: We won't be able to accept patches from anyone who hasn't already signed the CLA
      • Can also just directly link people to easyCLA to sign it
  • Next steps after the transitions
    • Given that there is a lot of work to be done around getting documentation updated to new releases
    • With finite resources how should we prioritize?
      • put transition docs on the back burner
      • focus on the MVP
        • will allow more contributors to documentation
        • more contributors to TF in general
        • reformulate what's relevant to GitHub
          • have new info for GH workflow
          • focus on relevance to Documentation project/ team
      • hinges on repo migrations
    • info around MVP in meeting notes
      • minimum docs set to enable easier contributions to docs
      • teach Juniper docs team to contribute to TF
      • cancelled docs hackathon @ Juniper
      • TFB-1549 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Action items