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  • Daniel Pono Takamori with GH transition update
    • Emailed Progmatic about Jenkins
      • Connecting Jenkins to Repo is in progress
    • Sent a PR to test GH actions
      • Testing reporting build back to the issue
      • Will get this merged ASAP
    • tox is broken
      • Looking into it
      • If you have time, try to test tox; a recent commit broke the build?
      • DH will try to do it
    • Haven't heard back from easyCLA about having both Gerrit & GitHub
      • Going to file a ticket with them instead
      • If they don't get back to him soon, will loop in Casey to get those people onto next week's call
  • Transition from Jira to Issues
    • Pono thinks it might make sense to work in two issue trackers at once?
      • Copying to GH Issues?
    • A 1-time import shouldn't be a problem
      • Then mass close the Jira tickets, add a component tag "See GitHub"
    • Have decided to go the 1-time import/kill Jira route
    • Pono thinks he can fit this in some time next week
      • Before next call

Action items