1. Structure of Jira projects and boards
  2. Which projects are hosted on Gerrit and which are hosted on Github


  1. TF Features project contains only Epics for releases. TF Core, TF Operator, TF Documentation and TF CI/CD projects should contain stories, tasks and bugs related to release epics and should be linked with epics in TF Features project. We'll keep separate TF Bugs projects for community newcomers that have a problem and don't know where to report it.
  2. Only tf-docs repo is maitained via GitHub. Other repos are maintained via Gerrit and only mirrored to GitHub.

Action items

Szymon Krasuski Will create TF Operator and TF CI/CD project.

Szymon Krasuski Will create 'Getting Started' wiki page for newcomers which will point them how to report bugs etc.