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  • Paul Carver (AT&T)
  • Henry Fowler (AT&T)
  • Prabhjot Singh Sethi (ATS)
  • Joseph Gasparakis (Intel)
  • Casey Cain (LF)
  • Thanh Ha (LF)
  • Eyal Lavee (Mellanox)
  • Jan Gutter (Netronome)
  • Frikkie Scholtz (Netronome)
  • Pieter Jansen van Vuuren (Netronome)
  • Simon Horman (Netronome)
  • Valentin Sinitsyn (Yandex)
  • Marc Rapoport (Juniper)
  • Sukhdev Kapur (Juniper)



  • Release schedules:
    • 5.0.2 was released last week
    • 5.1 Planned for mid December
    • Next release will be 5.1.1 (Q1 2019) and then version 6 (Q2 '19)
    • Both offload approaches will be merged in trunk to make sure quality is there
  • Discussion of DPDK version. 18.05? 18.11?
    • Mellanox has done all their offloads testing with 18.05
    • 18.11 was just released yesterday
    • Usually the .11 releases of DPDK are the long term releases
    • The amount of testing done on 18.05 is a good argument for using it for TF rather than jumping to 18.11 right now.
    • AI: Sukhdev to check internally what the recommendation is moving to 18.05 vs 18.11
    • AI: Eyal to do the same
  • Election mechanics
    • LF will pull ATCs from Juniper Gerrit (because no data has been migrated to LF Gerrit yet) and from GitHub for repos which are not in Gerrit
    • Election mechanics wiki page is revised to version 11 and resubmitted for approval. Email sent to TSC mailing list with diff URL and link to voting buttons.
  • Discuss in the next call about having a release manager and the checklist they need to go through for every release
  • AI: Joseph to contact Ed and see who the person did that before and tag now
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