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Joseph Gasparakis (Intel)

Edward Ting (Lenovo)

Casey Cain (LF)

Valentin Sinitsyn (Yandex)

Henry Fowler (AT&T)

Prabhjot Singh Sethi (ATS)

Eyal Lavee (Mellanox)

Randy Bias, Sukhdev (Juniper)

Frikkie Scholtz (Netronome)



5.0.2 Has been released - Needs to be tagged

5.1 Release Jan 15, code complete Dec 15

Randy: We need to be using LF infrastructure to track releases

AI Ed to tag the 5.0.2 release and provide release notes.

Sukhdev: One bug found with DPDK 18.05/seen some issues with 18.11 - Moving forward with DPDK 18.05 + Partial Offloads is in for 5.1 needs to be reviewed now that partial offloads are merged

Casey to send the email out for self nomination for the TF TSC elections

Kubecom:  Ed cannot attend or present remotely, so the schedule needs to be adjusted. You don't need to register for Kubecon you can just join the TF event. : Seems to be a db query issue - Sukhdev confirmed it is being worked for 5.1 subject to the offload patches being merged :  Valentin is looking for a core dump if you have access to the CI - Maybe Paul?

Next Tuesday (12/11) call is CANCELED

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