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  • Paul Carver (AT&T)
  • Liza Fung (AT&T)
  • Casey Cain (Linux Foundation)
  • Jim St. Leger (Intel)
  • Vicky Brasseur (Juniper)
  • Ian Rae (CloudOps)



  • ccain: There's an uncontested slot for the TC
    • Please nominate now or ask others to do so
  • ARB
    • Paul: drop ARB, instead use PTLs as an ARB?
      • Will need to make sure one person isn't the PTL of all 5 of the dev projects, naturally
      • Won't work w/o diverse PTLs, of course
      • Have definition for PTLs but they're not really mentioned beyond that; would be good to engage them
    • VMB: How are PTLs selected?
      • Believe it's selection by the projects
    • ccain: Yes, require more dev diversity for committers & PTLs
      • Intention was for ARB to go away in time
      • ARB doesn't need to be a part of the TSC; could be sub-committee
    • VMB: All would be best to discuss after TF has a TSC
    • Paul: Yup, but folks should remember to chime in on the mailing list thread now
      • VMB: +1
    • ccain: Should also make sure that the PTLs should be highly encouraged to be at TSC meetings
      • A conversation for after the TSC is elected
    • VMB: Takes the action to write up issues for these in the TF docs repo
  • Upcoming events…?
    • ccain: ONS, KubeCon. 
      • Also LFN is working on a collocated dev event at a university
      • Details of this are in progress, but probably June-ish
      • Will keep folks in the loop; update in early January
    • Ian: How'd things go at KubeCon & the TF workshop?
      • ccain: Dev event, ~34 in attendance
        • Well-engaged, interesting discussions
      • ccain: In the booth, a lot of familiarity w/TF
        • A lot of questions & engagement there
        • Feel good about that
      • Joseph: Workshop was an interesting day
        • Lots of good discussions w/folks
        • Very good to see a lot of different use cases
        • Learned a lot about how TF can make it easier to build & run
        • Feel it was a very good day
  • Ian: Clear enough communication of TF differentiation w/in ecosystem with use cases? Hearing confusion from some folks.
    • VMB: I think we could use more use cases showing who should use TF, when, why, & what problems it'll solve
    • Ian: But competition between similar projects? LF's opinion here?
      • ccain: LF wants all the projects to succeed, even if there's apparent or potential overlap in functionality
    • Liza: Being confused w/which projects?
      • ccain: ODL, any other SDN controller really; messaging & positioning up to the project
      • Ian: Calico, Weave, Flannel. Particularly the cloud native stuff.
    • Ian: Anyone in LF concerned w/market confusion? Complex ecosystem now.
      • "Hey, maybe we should help make it clear what the relative strengths of the different projects are?"
      • Regarded as an issue at all?
      • ccain: LF sees that diversity is key. Not position of LF to promote projects over each other.
    • Ian: Opportunity for TF to take leadership here
      • "Lots of networking projects. Here's where we fit in."
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