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Casey Cain (LF)

Edward Ting (Lenovo)

Vicky Brasseur (Juniper)

Prabhjot Singh Sethi (ATS)

Joseph Gasparakis (Intel)

Henry Fowler (AT&T)

Frikkie Scholtz (Netornome)

Pieter Jansen van Vuuren (Netronome)



  • Edward (ET): This the meeting for reviewing blueprints?
    • Joseph (JG): Yes. We'll be doing this every 2-3 weeks. 
    • ACTION: JG will dig up the link to the blueprints & share w/the group
  • Status of upcoming releases?
    • Sukhdev is out; anyone else know the schedule?
      • (nope)
    • Need to review this schedule every call
    • ACTION: Vicky to find someone from Juniper to give an update on the releases
      • VMB sent the email; awaiting response; will mail tsc@ with any response
  • TSC Election status
    • Uncontested, no election needed
    • Technical Committee is set
    • Community Committee still has an empty seat…?
      • No, has 6 nominations for 5 seats
      • ACTION: Joseph & Casey will verify all nominees qualify, kick off election if needed
    • ARB needs to appoint their own TSC member yet
      • Will wait for ARB membership to be settled
      • Need to wait for Sukhdev to come back, regardless
  • Code review of Netronome patches
    • Frikkie Scholtz (FS): What's the timeline for this?
      • Intel was to review but resources left the company
    • JG: This is for the full offload solution, but no vendor is looking for  this
      • So will review from POV of not breaking partial offload
      • Getting resources together within Intel but will take a little while longer
      • Partial offload patches in 5.1 main branch; put these in main branch as well? (Yes)
      • JG has a little time, and it's a small patch, so he'll try to have a look at this before next call
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