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Jan Gutter (Netronome)

Frikkie Scholtz (Netronome)

Pieter Janse van Vuuren (Netronome)

Joseph Gasparakis (Intel)

Prabhjot Singh Sethi (ATS)

VMB (Juniper)

Edward Ting (Lenovo)


  • Release updates and schedule for the upcoming ones
    • When will 5.1 be released? Still end of Feb 2019?
    • When will 5.1.1 be released?
    • What SmartNIC offload features are included in 5.1?
  • SmartNIC full offload
    • +1 from Jeya
    • 0 from Joseph with the view of "if both datapaths are tested and the one doesn't break the other I will convert this to +1"
    • What is the next step?
  • Ed Ting (Lenovo) to give an update on a usecase and the release criteria for TF
  • Any updates/discussions related to Jira?
  • version control?

  • TF doc project group role moving forward?

  • Action items from last week:
    • Phil Robb (PR): Will connect with Casey to take over some of his tasks while he's ill
    • PR: Will work w/LF folks to gather the ATC list
    • Randy Bias (RB): Will check with Codilime about transition of the TF build stuff
    • PR: Will get LF marketing to coordinate w/VMB & RB to get correct dates for the release stuff for the website
    • RB: Will contact Codilime about the Launchpad-Jira transition


  • Release updates
    • No known updates to 5.1/5.1.1 schedule
  • SmartNIC offload features included in 5.1?
    • Have partial & have full so far, merged in master branch but not targeted for 5.1
    • No word on this; need to hear from Juniper devs
  • SmartNIC full offload
    • JG: 0 because want to test both full & partial offloads before accepting this
    • Frikkie (FS): Jeya could commit all the code for testing
      • Partial is already merged
        • Merged in master, not in 5.1
      • Full isn't merged yet ← this is the question here
    • There doesn't appear to be any way to tell what's already on the 5.1 branch
  • Use case & release criteria for TF
    • Lots of discussion, no minutes (oops)
    • VMB suggested separate sub-committee for creating a separate release train from Juniper
      • Make sure Juniper people are on it
    • Paul will email a motion to create a new working group for the release train (thanks, Paul!)
  • Jira: VMB said no need to login to see the TF Jira items (thanks to Thanh's work)
  • Deferring last 2 agenda items for next week (out of time)

Action items

  • VMB to bring someone from Juniper to discuss what's in the 5.1 branch (specifically: offloads, but also just in general) – DONE (email is out)
  • VMB: Will review new contributor docs & try to get them all into one spot, at the very least
    • GH/tf/docs
    • GH/tf/website
    • GH/Juniper/contrail…?
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