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Edward Ting (Lenovo)

Prabhjot Singh Sethi (ATS)

Frikkie Scholtz (Netronome)

Jan Gutter (Netronome)

Pieter Janse van Vuuren (Netronome)


  • Release updates and schedule for the upcoming ones
    • When will 5.1 be released? Still end of Feb 2019?
    • When will 5.1.1 be released?
    • What SmartNIC offload features are included in 5.1?
  • version control?

  • TF doc project group role moving forward?
  • Abhijeet's team manages Contrail defects for AT&T and has offered to have his team work on managing TF defects. We need to discuss how the community should use the new now that it is available and we have migrated off of Launchpad.

  • Action items from two weeks ago:
    • Phil Robb (PR): Will connect with Casey to take over some of his tasks while he's ill
    • PR: Will work w/LF folks to gather the ATC list
    • Randy Bias (RB): Will check with Codilime about transition of the TF build stuff
    • PR: Will get LF marketing to coordinate w/VMB & RB to get correct dates for the release stuff for the website
    • RB: Will contact Codilime about the Launchpad-Jira transition
  • Action items from last week:
    • VMB to bring someone from Juniper to discuss what's in the 5.1 branch (specifically: offloads, but also just in general) – DONE (email is out)
    • VMB: Will review new contributor docs & try to get them all into one spot, at the very least
      • GH/tf/docs
      • GH/tf/website
      • GH/Juniper/contrail…?
  • Merge of full offload into master branch (
    • Joseph requested that someone test Netronome's submission, Jeya from Juniper confirmed that he tested and suggest that code merge.
    • Please confirm when it will be merged?


Action items

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