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Sukhdev Kapur (Juniper)

Prabhjot Singh Sethi (ATS)

VMBrasseur (Juniper)

Edward Ting (Lenovo)

Thanh Ha (LF)

Marc Rapoport (Juniper)


  • Release updates and schedule for the upcoming ones
    • When will 5.1 be released? Still end of Feb 2019?
    • When will 5.1.1 be released?
    • What SmartNIC offload features are included in 5.1? Did anything change from last week?
    • Merge of full offload into master branch (
      • Juniper tested and confirmed that full offload patches does not break anything and recommend that it merge into master.
      • Who will merge the code and when?
  • Future of documentation group - Edward
  • Perbuiltd binary repo with no versions. They usually end up breaking the releases - Edward
  • Election for TSC open seat - Deadline for self nomination is this Thursday 14th Feb - Casey
  • Merging TC & CC calls


Joseph is missing - let's have fun today (smile)

  • Election
    • Have one person self-nominated, but need them to be voted in as TSC-ATC
    • Randy will nominated them for TSC-ATC
    • Will need 5 votes to approve the TSC-ATC status, so vote ASAP once the nomination shows up, please. (smile)
  • Doodle poll for scheduling TC & CC calls as a single call
  • Release update & schedule
    • 5.1?
      • Marc: Will be delayed
      • Probably end of March at this point
    • 5.1.1?
      • Marc: Probably Q2 at this point
  • SmartNIC?
    • Marc: Partial offload will be merged & tested in 5.1
    • Full offload?
      • Some patches accepted & merged but won't be tested in time for 5.1
      • Code will be there, but unsure whether we can consider it stable yet (no Juniper QA cycles for appropriate testing), could be beta
      • Community can test, at least, since it'll be merged
  • Future of documentation group
    • Group isn't productive right now
    • Edward nominated Vicky to lead the Documentation group (yikes! --vmb)
    • Step 1: Consolidate the docs
    • Step 2: Make it easier to get started using TF (installation, setup)
    • Vicky: So a separate documentation project?
      • eting: Bi-weekly doc meeting but no one dialing in
      • eting: 5.0.1 docs are complete & should be OK
      • eting: Need docs for 5.1 yet, don't even know the features yet
      • vmb: a lot to do even w/o that, so can still move forward on docs
  • Edward - Pre-built binary repo

Action items

  • Suhkdev will figure out who's going to merge full offload & when
  • Edward will start a ML thread about revitalising the Docs project
  • Suhkdev will figure out how to do the versioning on those rpms
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