• Paul Carver (AT&T)

  • Zhaoyan Chen (Intel)
  • Prabhjot Singh Sethi (ATS)

Discussion items

  • Discussed progress on ATS CI. Prabhjot has done some setup and needed to make changes to contrail-infra. He will do some further work and submit pull request(s)
  • Talked about community release. Containers pushed to tungstenfabric Docker Hub last Friday. Deployed via Ansible and deployed via Helm with the exception of a problem with the neutron init container (used opencontrailnightly)
  • We need input from Codilime and/or Juniper on changes to Contrail Infra Git repo and on how to distribute jobs among multiple CI
  • After a new CI is setup (e.g. ATS CI) some manual validation is needed to make sure it's producing accurate results before joining it in to share testing with the current production CI