Discussion items

      • There has been some progress on publishing AT&T Shaker tests.
        • They aren't out yet, but should be soon.
        • They will be at and will include the test suite plus a patch to OpenStack Shaker which adds some functionality required by the test suite.
        • The intent is to reduce or eliminate the patch by upstreaming the changes to Shaker, but this is dependent on the upstream Shaker project accepting the changes. The patch approach prevents this from being a blocker.
      • The Tungsten Fabric Gerrit is live at but the project repositories are currently empty. We need to figure out how to handle the cutover from without disrupting the build process (which depends heavily on cloning repos from URLs that are part of the build process.
      • OpenLab (performance test lab) discussion
        • We discussed the OpenLab config and Zhaoyan will work on identifying config file directories which we can make into Git repositories and upload to the Tungsten Fabric Gerrit. The initial plan will be for a cron job running in the OpenLab to pull one or more Git repos from Gerrit in order to update configuration before running tests.
        • We currently expect that performance tests will run as a nightly cron job
        • We need to identify where performance test results will be posted for public visibility. Zhaoyan thinks that it will be possible to have a web server in the OpenLab that is accessible from the Internet. If so, we'll identify a DNS name for it and point <something> at it.

Action items