• Paul Carver (AT&T)

  • Bartlomiej Wodzynski
  • Jaroslaw Lukow
  • Lukasz Lukasiewicz
  • Abhijeet Singh
  • Scott Whyte
  • Thanh Ha (LF)
  • Randy Bias


  • Initial plan is to migrate Gerrit first and not migrate Zuul at this time
  • LF IT does not currently have expertise in Zuul. Discussion of support to continue later
  • LF uses VexxHost to provide VMs to LF projects
  • The Tungsten Fabric has some amount of budget to pay for VexxHost
  • Current (i.e. moving away from) Gerrit is at (the "OpenContrail" Gerrit)
  • LF has setup (the Tungsten Gerrit)
  • Tungsten Fabric currently has the GitHub organization but none of the repos are currently mirrored to from Gerrit (And there aren't very many repos there)
  • It may be better to setup a new Zuul rather than modifying configuration of the existing Zuul because that will allow better transition without having to undo and backout changes if we aren't able to complete the cutover within the preset migration (i.e. downtime) limit.
  • LF would prefer a squash commit because they want a DCO for the commit. The TF project would prefer not to lose commit history.
  • Randy noted that LFN TAC is very interested in historical statistics about past two years of commits. This is another reason why we would rather not lose them.
  • Juniper and LF (probably Greg Elikinbard and Phil Robb) went through the historical data and identified all code origin questions and work through resolving them.
  • Can Codilime team get direct push (to all branches) to LF Gerrit?
  • Repos currently exist on but they are empty. No initial commits on the repos I checked.
  • There is still an open question Jira synchronization as it impacts link formatting
  • Using Jira (instead of Launchpad) prevents us from requiring multiple accounts (Launchpad and LF) instead of a single one (only LF with Jira)

Tungsten Fabric helpdesk alias is

Action Items

  • Thanh - Check with LF internal IT to see if VMs can be created on VexxHost to run Zuul but supported by Codilime, not LF IT
    • If necessary (based on Thanh's response) - Paul and/or Randy will followup with Casey and/or Phil if there is any question on using Tungsten Fabric project funding to cover VexxHost VMs to run Zuul administered by Codilime
  • Randy - Reach out to Phil about the DCO and squash commit topic
  • CL/JNPR/TF - Work out the repo naming details and provide  LF with list of the CI administrators
  • CL/JNPR - Create Tungsten Gerrit account for Zuul and notify Helpdesk+Thanh (
  • Thanh - grant Zuul account appropriate permissions (Submit, Voting Verified -2/+2, Non-Interactive Users group)
  • CL - create a ticket for creating a new e-mail alias for the infra service accounts
  • Bart to ping Casey Cain on the topic of Jira synchronization
  • Randy/Paul - clear out whether to migrate (and what to migrate - e.g. open vs. closed) the open-source tickets from Launchpad to Jira

Migration preliminary steps:

  1. Decide on repo naming
  2. Create the repos with target names
  3. Grant Gerrit push access to the CodiLime CI team
  4. Decide on the Zuul location
  5. Start the migration
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