• Jennifer Fowler (Cathey Communications)
  • Maddison (CloudOps)
  • VMB (Juniper)
  • Robert Cathey (Cathey Communications)
  • Chaitanya Kadiyala (Juniper)Kadiyala


  • Heads up: marketing mailing list is misconfigured & erroring right now
    • Ticket open with LF
  • Review action items from 2019-02-08 TF Marketing-WG Meeting
  • Meetup opportunities and outreach efforts
  • Priority events for the year? (where are we planning/hoping to have a TF presence?)
  • Talk about metrics 
    • Meetups
    • Conferences
    • Carbide
    • Others?


Active meetup opportunities: 

  1. The Kubernetes & CNCF Bulgaria meetup requested a TF speaker for 2/28, but we passed on this because we couldn’t find a speaker in time. *They would welcome a speaker at a later meeting.
  2. Prague Containers Meetup - open to having a speaker, requested abstract and availability. No response to request for speakers on Slack and dev email list.
  3. Cloud Native London - interested in a service mesh presentation.
  4. OSN User Group in Moscow is interested hosting a TF presenter at an upcoming meetup in May or June.
    1. Randy's checking with Alex on this
    2. We let Brandon know we're interested & working on it

Ongoing meetup outreach:

  • Robert/Jennifer touching base with Qasim Arham (DFW) and Philip Goddard (Boston) to confirm their willingness to present SDN Hands-on Lab or other topics
    • Both presented several times last year; confirming they're still good with that
    • Philip is available after April
  • Should we pitch James/Chaitanya and Service Mesh topic in Bay Area?
    • Chaitanya can source folks from Sunnyvale for this
    • ServiceMesh is a much more interesting topic right now, too
  • Maddison pursuing opportunities in Canada
    • No updates yet
    • Would be for Q2
  • Marta keeping an eye out for opportunities for Codilime to offer speakers

Priority Events for the year?

  • CK: James may have better visibility into Juniper's plans
    • CK will check with James & email
  • Brainstorming a list
    • KubeCon/CNCF, ONS, OpenStack?/OpenInfra?,
    • Open Source Summit is probably too broad
  • Developer summit?
  • 5G World London?
    • June 12-13
    • And TF reps there? LFN looking for folks for a panel
    • Also looking for SP speaker to present for ~20 minutes
  • KubeCon EU
    • Opportunities for TF to be in the LFN booth
    • LFN mini-summit
    • LFN will reach out to communities

LFN has a writer to work on case studies

  • Should reach out to Brandon

Conference updates

  1. ONS NA
    1. Running TungstenFabric at Scale - Piyush Srivastava, Workday - Thursday, April 4 • 3:40pm - 4:10pm
  2. Open Infrastructure Summit - Agenda to publish next week.

Action Items

  • JAMES: Update lists for marketing MG and TSC Governance WG
  • Chaitanya: Check with James about Juniper conferences for 2019 & will email the list
  • VMB: Add developer summit to the TSC agenda
  • VMB: Will create full list of events from which we can choose the ones where we'll focus
  • Robert: Will reach out to Yandex to see whether they're interested in getting a use case story written (LFN looking for cross-project use cases - Yandex uses TF and Fido)
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