• TSC meeting attendance
    • Important all TSC members attend all meetings, or appoint a proxy if they can't make it
  • Election status
    • Very few people have voted so far
    • Election closes tomorrow
    • Let Casey know if you didn't receive a ballot & you think you should
  • Introducing Pono from LF
    • Release engineer to help CI/releng in TF
    • 100% dedicated to TF releng & CI
    • Will start showing up at the infra calls, too (woo!)
  • CLAs
    • Transferring data to the new system (will take a few more days)
    • Will be a very gerrit short down time when it goes live
    • Folks who signed an opencontrail CLA may need to re-sign for TF
      • Casey is checking with LF Legal on this
  • CI/CD
    • RLB pushing for accelerated plan to transition CI/CD from Juniper to LF/TF
      • Will share plan w/the group after this call
    • Community will run entire CI/CD process by end of March
      • Will still be Zuul for now, just a copy of what currently exists to get things moving
      • Transition to Jenkins at LF later
  • Doc group meeting time
    • 2 slots equally good on the Doodle: Wed 8:30, Wed 11AM (Pacific time)
    • VMB: 8:30AM could get us an EU-based Contrail tech writer to join
    • eting: Will get this announced for 8:30AM
  • TC/CC meetings?
    • No longer happening separately; only the TSC call
    • Still showing on the community calendar, though?
      • Nope, only showing for past dates, not future
  • Business-level Requirements for TF Release Process
    • PLEASE comment on this doc and add information/thoughts/feedback
  • Other business?

Action items

  • Randy or VMB will add as an admin of the opencontrail gerrit (to pull CLA info)
  • ccain/eting: Coordinate getting the new Docs meeting onto the calendar & w/a zoom