Jennifer Fowler,

Robert Cathey,


Darien Hirotsu, Redapt



Send regrets: James, VMB



Update on action Items from last week:

  1. Video from KubeCon - Robert will post on Blog
  2. GSoC Blog Post - Darien working on draft (will share with James & Vicki today)
  3. Speaker/Date for Bay Area Cloud-Native Open Infrastructure Meetup. James suggested April 2, 3 or 4 b/c Cloudops in town. Madisson will check on that.
  4. Vicki created goals doc

Active Meetup Opportunities

  1. The Kubernetes & CNCF Bulgaria meetup requested a TF speaker for 2/28, but we passed on this because we couldn’t find a speaker in time. *They would welcome a speaker at a later meeting.

  2. Prague Containers Meetup - open to having a speaker, requested abstract and availability. No response to request for speakers on Slack and dev email list.

  3. Cloud Native London - interested in a service mesh presentation.

  4. OSN User Group in Moscow is interested hosting a TF presenter at an upcoming meetup in May or June. Alex's team unable to to this. If no other options, we will need to decline.

  5. Bay Area Cloud-Native Open Infrastructure Meetup would like a service mesh presentation ("the best security of both worlds" demo) and has asked if Juniper will host/provide speaker/select date. Organizer Lisa Namphy also suggests partnering with Henrik (from NeuVector), who is interested in sponsoring an Istio meetup. Perhaps partner up to help mitigate costs and organizational effort.  Possible dates: April 2-4 (possibly have presentation by CloudOps), April 23-25, May 14-16, May 21-23. Emailed Aniket Gawade <>, Ranjini Rajendran <>, Sachchidanand Vaidya <> on Mar 1 and Mar 6.

  6. Sat Melbourne Cloud Native Kubernetes Lab by SatXDesign Seeks speaker for 16th or 30th March,  9am - 1pm Australian Eastern Std Time. Emailed Diogo Montagner in Melbourne 2/27 (; pinged again 3/6

  7. The OSN User Group Bay Area Q2 Meetup will have "a TF focus". Chaitanya Kadiyala and Bin Hu (the primary meetup Organizer) are in touch about topics and there will likely be ample space for multiple TF-based sessions/discussions. Please reach out to Chaitanya ( if you have suggestions for topics or speakers. 

Ongoing Meetup Outreach

  1. Boston: Philip Goddard is available to present after April

  2. DFW: email to Qasim Arham, no response

  3. Bay Area:

    1. Bay Area OSNUG - Edward Ting says something is already in the works 

    2. Sent pitch to  Bay Area Kubernetes Meetup, San Francisco Cloud Mafia, SF Bay Area Microservices and Cloud-Native Apps Meetup - email sent

    3. Additional pitching on hold until we find speakers for other pending meetups (see above).  Next target is Sujata’s Out of the Box Networking meetup for a service mesh presentation ("At-scale cluster load balancing" demo) or an SDN lab that could perhaps be hosted at Intel. 

  4. Canada: Maddison pursuing opportunities (will have updates in Q2)

    1. Toronto - which Juniper's Geoff Sullivan helps coordinate

    2. Montreal - which CloudOps coordinates

    3. Ottawa - which CENGN coordinates

  5. Other:

    1. Discuss how to get speakers committed faster.

Conference Updates

  1. Service Mesh Day (March 28-29)
    1. Juniper is sponsoring: Pop-up banner, stickers and demo (Same as ONS) showing TF, Istio and Consul on Kubernetes
    2. Post a blog when video is available
    3. Attending: Robert, James 
  2. ONS NA (April 3-5, San Jose)
    1. Running Tungsten Fabric at Scale - Piyush Srivastava, Workday - Thursday, April 4 • 3:40pm - 4:10pm
    2. TF featured in two LFN Booth demos: 
    3. Juniper has a booth and will be sharing a TF demo there.
  3. Open Infrastructure Summit (Apr 29-May 1, Denver) - 
    1. Agenda Three sessions include TF, but they're tagged with Open Contrail, not TF. Sigh.
    2. Meetup? (Juniper has had a few inquiries.) 
      1. Should we do an event at KubeCon too or instead of OIS? OIS preferred.  

      2. Potential Hosts:

        1. Denver Cloud Native and Kubernetes Meetup - Jennifer reached out to organizer Andrei Yurkevich (president and CTO of Altoros) on 3/7 via company's contact form

        2. Denver Microservices Meetup  - Jennifer reached out to Travis Nelson (Co-founder, CTO of Focal Revenue Solutions) via email ( on 3/7

        3. CableLabs - explore

      3. Potential Content:

        1. Sukdev is considering working on a demo of Akraino and TF integration that he could possibly present

        2. We could ask Brandon if any other LFN groups are attending OIS

      1. Juniper attending, 

Action Items

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