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  • Update from Jarek
    • Was hoping to get info from Juniper about future state of repos & CI systems
    • Working on migrating repos from to
      • Renaming is complete
      • Squashing of commits complete
      • Repos set up by LF team
      • Ready to push the code to the new gerrit
    • Waiting on decisions about the target state of the repos
      • Heard want to maintain some sort of CI system inside Juniper…?
      • Heard want to maintain repos in Juniper along with ones in LF…?
    • Need to know about how the Juniper dev workflow will go
      • SK: Once everything is moved, all dev moves TF repos
      • SK: Only proprietary code remains inside; there will be no duplicate repos or CI
      • Jarek: A-OK, but will need confirmation from Abhay
  • SK: Status of Jira tickets?
    • Did these get moved…?
    • VMB: Thanh did this in December.
    • SK: Have now three systems…LP (now read-only), JNPR Jira, TF Jira
      • Apparently there are lots of tickets in JNPR Jira that should be moved to TF Jira
      • pono: Need to figure out how to coordinate migrating those; can select certain tickets, DB dump, re-import
    • SK: Lots of confusion w/in Juniper
      • Lots of resistance to reviewing tickets & flagging as meant for TF
      • Will sit down and talk to Scott & Bill about this
  • VMB: Need them to start working in the TF Jira ASAP
    • SK: Will work with Scott to sort this out
    • Will be a hard line where all tickets are moved AND all TF tickets go to the TF Jira
  • Handover of public CI system? When is this happening?
    • Repos need to move first
    • Then can hand over the CI to Alex's team
    • SK: This is too risky; should get the CI system up and running first to ensure it will work before handing over the CI
      • Have them running simultaneously for a while, will fully cut over at some point after confirming that things work
      • JNPR management want zero downtime/outage. Must be totally seamless.
    • Jarek: Hadn't heard this plan yet but every step of moving the repos has zero downtime as a top priority
      • For instance, first will move the repos but not move the CI yet, having set up a Zuul in the meantime
      • Then will connect to the new Zuul in parallel
      • Should then shut that off after things are confirmed as working
    • pono: Need a ticket filed to get Zuul set up in Vexxhost
  • Jarek: Migrating users/permissions to TF Gerrit
    • SK: Working to get the list of these folks; just received it on Monday
      • Spreadsheet of all repos, names of them before/after moves, folks authorised to approve/reject code
      • Need to prune that list then can send it on
      • Send it to…whom?
    • Jarek: We need their LF IDs for this, then they also need to sign up to Gerrit
      • SK: Already talking to folks about this
      • pono: Just need an LF ID both for Jira and Gerrit
        • LF IDs are easier for Jarek to add users to Gerrit 
        • VMB: Can email work instead? Very difficult to track down LF IDs
        • Jarek: Dunno, really
      • Jarek & pono: Everyone needs to log into Gerrit first before the transition
    • SK: So helpdesk can't just import these things from a spreadsheet?
      • Jarek: No, can't add people in advance before they log into Gerrit
        • Once they've logged into Gerrit, the account exists and then people can be given authorisation to +1 or +2
      • So can add authorisations from the sheet
  • Jarek: What's the process for giving folks +1 or +2 in the future?
    • SK: Governance doc talks about this; will be following this going forward


See above. (smile)

Action items

  • Sukhdev will sort out the Juniper process with Scott and Bill
  • VMB will ask Alex & team to file the ticket to get Zuul set up at Vexxhost
    • Emailed Alex, Cc'ing pono & Randy
  • VMB to get a proper LF Zoom link on this call (we got dropped because the host didn't show up)
    • Emailed ccain (Cc tsc@) asking for this change
  • pono will ask Thanh about whether email will work for Gerrit or if it won't work at all w/o LF ID
    pono: emails will work!

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