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  • Start the Recording
  • Antitrust Policy
  • Agenda Bashing (Roll Call, Action Items (5 minutes)
  • General Topics
  • Release
  • Blueprint review process 
  • Jira discussion 
  • event planning (which events are we gathering?)
  • works?
  • TSC Chair election status


  • CLA
    • Casey Cain heard from LF CLA team
    • Needed to make more changes by request of LF Legal
    • In theory should now be live by next Friday (March 29th)
    • Hopefully ccain will have access to CLA admin console by tomorrow (fingers crossed)
      • Start testing on his side
    • Will keep folks up to date
  • tsc@?
    • Edward Ting isn't receiving email for this 
    • Seems to be caught in moderation?
    • ccain is clearing that queue
    • Joseph: first email to the list is always moderated
      • So this is sorted now that his message is approved
    • SK expresses concerns about the speed of the moderation process
      • ccain assures folks that the queue gets checked daily
  • Release (standing topic that's a part of the template)
    • What's up with 5.1…?
    • Still in the works
    • SK needs to know the plan for releases once they move to the community
      • VMB will send him & the tsc@ list the doc folks have been working on about that
  • Blueprint review process
  • ARB
    • Suggested that the ARB isn't needed, replace with PTLs?
    • Randy isn't here to speak on the subject
    • SK is A-OK with considering this, but stresses that will need to discuss this in context of using PTLs/core committers appropriately (per governance doc)
      • Were leaning on ARB because there weren't any PTLs
    • ccain suggests maybe need to have another look at the community governance doc & perhaps rev it?
      • ARB & PTLs need to be addressed
      • Release process, too
      • Lots of work to do, after we put out other fires (like the infra migration & CLAs)
    • SK suggests do this as part of repo migration
      • Declare some defactor core committers at that time
      • Bootstrap the PTLs in this way
      • Can do PTL elections later after things settle in a bit
      • Wouldn't need ARB if there are PTLs
    • VMB is generally +1 on the idea but stresses must ensure core/PTLs are aware of & accept the responsibilities
    • Will continue the discussion on list and in next call

Action items