• Still need a ticket for creating Vexxhost account
  • Update on repo migration
  • Updates on LFID user creation for adding karma to gerrit
  • Update on parallel build setup
  • Update on the testing
  • Updates on JIRA workflow/ issue import


  • Vexxhost
    • Alex says that Andrey will be opening the ticket
      • Ticket to set up the billing and stuff only
    • Alex will follow up on the ticket thing
  • LFID user creation update
    • Had a meeting yday with Sukhdev & Bill N at Juniper
    • Workflow on Juniper JIRA has changed
      • Planning to import that workflow into the TF JIRA
      • Bill will share info with pono
        • export Juniper JIRA workflow so it can be imported to
      • VMB: This will need to be documented
        • pono can ping Bill for docs 
    • Are tickets that will need to be re-imported to TF JIRA
  • Update on parallel setup
    • Working on setting up own setup for Progmatic
    • Existing Juniper stuff won't stand up
    • Instead using Ansible + Contrail container + Bring Your Own VM instructions
    • Now building rpms finally, yay
    • Next is trying to figure out how to deal with artefacts
    • RLB on how this is viewed inside Juniper
      • 2 phases: Separation (stand alone TF) & Integration (TF into Contrail)
      • Working to figure out the Integration yet
      • Stressing that Separation is separate from Integration, ensures separation will happen rather than be delayed
    • A great deal of conceptual talk about the parallel build process, standalone TF, Juniper's relationship with TF's build process, etc.

Action items

  • VM (Vicky) Brasseur (she/her) Ping Andrey for the Vexxhost ticket
  • VM (Vicky) Brasseur (she/her) Get meeting update for 8AM all the time & change name from OpenContrail & change host from Greg
  • VM (Vicky) Brasseur (she/her) Send reminder for people to show up to this call (Randy actually did this one)
  • Daniel Pono Takamori Ping Bill for JIRA workflow documentation when he sends workflow export stuff
  • Alex: Document what will be required to fix (automate) the testing for TF
  • Alex: Follow up with the ticket for Vexxhost (