• Start the Recording
  • Antitrust Policy
  • Agenda Bashing (Roll Call, Action Items (5 minutes)
    • pono: had meeting with Sukhdev and Casey (and 2 other Juniper-ers), talked about JIRA workflows and ticket imports
  • General Topics
  • TF rep to the LFN TAC (currently Greg & needs to change; see this LFN wiki page)
  • PTL job description?
    • Docs WG discussing new PTL since Edward stepped down
    • Question came up: What exactly is the scope of the PTL job?
    • It's not mentioned in the Community Governance doc
    • Could the TSC please define this and then update the doc (for posterity)?
  • JIRA migration status? 


  • TSC Chair election is almost complete (10 of 11 have voted) but we need the ARB rep to vote and break a tie
    • Per Sukhdev Kapur, Michael Henkel is the ARB member who was unable to make the call (will follow up)
  • With ONS next week, move to cancel the meeting
    • TSC agrees: no meeting next week
  • Reminder from Casey, since Edward is stepping down as PTL for the Docs group, TSC must approve committers
    • Per Edward Ting, yesterday in the Docs WG meeting, VM (Vicky) Brasseur (she/her) nominated another person to be PTL for the Docs WG
    • If both people nominated are already committers, the Docs WG can vote for the PTL
  • The TSC needs to elect a member to the TAC
    • Currently, Greg is listed as the rep
    • This needs to be decided / maintained by the TSC
    • Randy Bias suggests delaying until TSC chair is completed
  • JIRA migration status
    • In progress
    • Per Daniel Pono Takamori, workflow needs community input (being worked out between Juniper and Daniel)
    • Need to settle on workflow before importing tickets etc.
  • JIRA template feedback
    • Sukhdev Kapur is working on aligning workflows and templates to JIRA
    • Community feedback is needed on the various templates
  • Marketing WG is focusing on community metrics, so TSC should review and provide feedback
  • Suggestion from Randy Bias: the marketing & infrastructure WGs should provide a readout to the TSC for their weekly meetings for review

Action items

  • Sukhdev Kapur to follow up with Michael Henkel from ARB to vote on TSC chair