• @Kieran Milne, Juniper



  • NO CALL - just notes below to review (some related to last week's AIs) and pick up next week

  • Current state of the docs and possible updates/changes
    • Current TF doc page is a bit of a 'running list' of items
      • Could be updated/restructured to more clearly identify and point to the various available resources
    • Current 'doc set'
      • Some community-created content at
        • An interesting mix of items, generally related to getting-started/install/deployment
        • Perhaps reorg/consolidate (or remove, per backlogged AI below?)
      • Some Juniper/Contrail-created content at
        • The content here was a test of transferring Contrail 5.0.1 docs over to Github/rst content.  
        • It is essentially raw content (ie. real content but interlinking not established, etc.) .. intent was to stitch it together, but effort was abandoned
        • See below for possible AI here
      • API guide - currently on OC site, moving over to TF site
        • Just FYI, Juniper will now also host a version of these pages on
      • Deploying/Quick Start Guide on
        • This may need a total overhaul, but it's one of the most frequently hit pages on so we should at least move it to tf/docs for now and add a "hey, out of date; stay tuned" warning to the tf/docs version and a redirect from to the new tf/docs version.
  • Moving forward - Some options to consider  (not mutually exclusive)
    • Center around community-created docs
      • Parking this for today
    • Leverage and transfer Juniper/Contrail docs to TF/Github
      • It may be an option to reuse the content-transfer model described above
      • The tooling to do this exists
      • Would require 1) coordinating with Juniper's DigiEng team to transfer content, and 2) resources to (re-)thread the raw content together to make a full working doc set
    • Link/point to Juniper/Contrail docs on
      • Instead of setting up around TF-created docs, simply point to existing Contrail doc set
      • Perhaps create a page that mimic's juniper's Contrail doc landing page
      • Clearly would not provide a true 'TF doc set', and there would be some details to figure out, but it would provide an instant full-coverage doc set
      • The TF site already points liberally to; In at least one case, a page points to juniper/net.documentation, ie. this is not a fully new premise

Action items

  •  Review/merge minutes above with previous week, continue conversations 
  • VM (Vicky) Brasseur (she/her) - review notes above for discussion via email or on next call 

Backlogged Action Items

  • ???: Get rid of community-docs repo (it's superfluous) ← do this after all of the repos are moved
  • Current locations of all documentation: Defer until after the infra move is complete
  • Current CI/CD status of documentation: Defer until after the infra move is complete
  • Patch approval criteria for docs: Defer until the TSC confirms the process for code.