• Action items from 3-20
    • None
  • Edward's resignation
    • Just FYI that he has resigned
  • New PTL?
    • VMB: Docs are in bad shape; we need a PTL with strong docs experience
    • Edward has nominated Anda
      • Anda doesn't have a lot of docs experience
    • VMB suggests maybe Kieran?
      • KM: What's the scope of the job
  • Scope of the PTL job?
    • VMB: Probably listed in the Community Governance doc, if it's anywhere:
      • The PTL acts as the de facto spokesperson for the project.
      • That's the sum total of the PTL job description in the doc
    • VMB: Spitball a job description
      • Project manager for the project
        • Discovers & manages the tasks for the project
        • Participates in ARB/TSC discussions (whatever that looks like once the TSC figures it out)
        • Reports back to ARB/TSC (or gets someone else to do it for them)
        • Recruit new members to the project
      • Leader of the project
  • Scope of work in general
    • What is current state of the docs?
    • Where do we want the docs to be?
    • How do we bridge the gap between these?
  • Current state of the docs?
  • Tracking the work we need to do?
  • JIRA tickets we'll need to create once the JIRA thing is sorted out
    • Getting Started doc
    • JIRA process
    • How to contribute (at least review/update this doc:
    • Case studies
      • Would also make good blog posts
    • Performance numbers
      • Would also make good blog posts
    • How do we want to organise docs?
      • At least a first draft
  • Existing Contrail public docs
    • Juniper is working on a reorg of their own documentation: organised for purposes ("so you want to do…")
    • Maybe could repurpose that organisation of docs?
    • Couldn't re-use the docs themselves, since at Juniper proprietary

Action items

  •  VM (Vicky) Brasseur (she/her) Ask TSC to update community gov doc to better describe the job description of PTL
  • Kieran & team will have a look at the JIRA & give an MVP for JIRA process for docs
  • VM (Vicky) Brasseur (she/her) Review public Contrail repos and locate docs that might exist in them

Backlogged Action Items

  • ???: Get rid of community-docs repo (it's superfluous) ← do this after all of the repos are moved
  • Current locations of all documentation: Defer until after the infra move is complete
  • Current CI/CD status of documentation: Defer until after the infra move is complete
  • Patch approval criteria for docs: Defer until the TSC confirms the process for code.

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  1. VM (Vicky) Brasseur (she/her) TSC call today suggests the WG to nominate the PTL. If the nominated is an active committer, there is no need for TSC to vote.