• Action items
    • All done
  • Notes from last week
    • List of docs from all over the place (thank you, Kieran Milne)
    • KM's suggestions for moving forward
      • Community-created/-maintained
      • Leverage Contrail docs
      • Use fully Juniper docs
    • VM: Start with Contrail docs, move to TF repo
      • WS: May not need to import history of Contrail docs
      • KM: Tooling for the Contrail docs conversion is at least a year old
      • KM: Also will need to rebrand the docs to TF and re-link the topic pages
      • KM: Over time, Juniper content will be more than just TF
        • VM: TF docs will be source of truth, won't need another dump of docs; Juniper will start contributing to TF docs instead
    • KM: May need more resources to make stuff happen on Juniper side
      • VM: May be able to get an assist from Progmatic if needed?
  • PTL update
    • No word from the TSC yet
  • Issue tracking
    • How did we used to do that? (no one has prior experience w/docs bugs)
    • Should get pono's input
    • WS: On another project, users don't notice the Jira and instead use GitHub since that's what they see
    • KM w/a summary of how the Juniper team is using Jira for new features & doc bugs
      • Jira for new features (story isn't complete until docs are complete)
      • GNATS for doc bugs
  • lf-docs
    • Other projects use Read The Docs, should we?
    • Folks are +1 to assuming we'll use Read The Docs
    • pono may have more info on this
  • Next steps…?

Action items