• Resource quota for Vexxhost
  • Update on parallel builds
  • Github organization issues


  • pono: calculated quota and can now get a ticket with Vexx to lift quotas for 
  • pono: LF needs to be an owner of the Github org, so action item for contacting juniper
  • alex: build almost ready on vexx
    • migration of gerrit/ repos
  • pono: need documentation public
  • carlo: trying to release docs to public
    • some cannot be made public 'cuz of secrets
  • andrey: sent email to pono about quotas and resources
    • building against juniper gerrit since there aren't any real repos on
  • jakub: how to build against 
    • andrey/ pono: once the CI system is up, we'll be able to link against and then just waiting on the repo import
  • jakub: concerns about all commits signed by CLA
    • because of the 'Signed-Off-By: ' 
    • squash commit to do transfer
  • darien: build a devstack like instance
    • alex: tf devstack on progmatic labs

Action items