• Maddison Long
  • Jim St Leger
  • James Kelly
  • Edward Ting
  • Tim O'Driscoll



LFN Mini-Summit (May 20, Barcelona)

  • Edward Ting had submitted a TF talk
  • Sukhdev to write a blog post

5.1 TF Release

  • 5.1 Release for Contrail is imminent, likely happen Monday
  • Need to know what build, trigger build within TF repo, post images on Docker hub, etc.
  • 5.1 is not very feature rich.
  • The largest benefit is release quality. Juniper closed more than 1600 bugs (top three level of critical bugs)
  • Container service chaining is a cool new feature, evpn across data centers (between routers), etc.

Cloud Native Day in Canada

  • No specific TF talks at this point, talks are still being finalized

LFN Store

  • What's the uptake in terms of traffic on the LFN store?
  • Would be good to get TF shirts/stickers, etc. up there. Promote it via TF website.


  • What TF deck, swag should we have at this event?

On-Demand TF Environment

  • Maybe /CloudOps would be interested in sponsoring a TF event by providing IaaS and on-demand K8s + TF environment?
  • Community should look to update and improve the Carbide user guide

Competitive Matrix in the Docs

  • Comparing and contrasting TF with other LFN projects like ODL

Action items

  • Jill will reach out to Le Ma about NCDC & ask about deadline
  • Jill will follow up with Brandon about the store
  • James Kelly Move blog ideas to Blog Publishing Calendar
  • James Kelly Ping Sukhdev about blog post
  • Edward Ting to send Jim NCDC invite and information
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