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  • Action item review
    • Jill pinging again for the newsletter subscribers
    • Newsletters are quarterly & next goes out in June
      • She & Darien are already working on this
    • Forwarding last one once Salesforce starts playing nicely
  • NCDC
    • Panel, etc.
    • Intel and Lenovo have folks in China who are working on TF
  • LFN Mini-Summit (May 20, Barcelona)
    • Only TF proposal accepted, but we got one in, woo!
    • Asked Sukhdev to write a blog post
  • Goals of the speaker bureau
    • Ask dev@ who wants to be a TF ambassador
  • Blog schedule
    • Blog Publishing Calendar
    • Darien Hirotsu added a TSC update for this month
      • Will get a draft to Jill & Brandon next week
    • Hopefully Sukhdev will write May's entry (LFN mini summit)
    • Other ideas:
      • 5.1 coming out soon
      • Cloud Native Day Canada
      • LFN mini-summit recap
  • TF swag in the LFN store
    • There isn't any now
    • Jill will ask Brandon about this

Action items

  • Jill will reach out to Le Ma about NCDC & ask about deadline
  • Edward Ting will forward NCDC email to Intel & Lenovo
  • VM Brasseur Tweet about LFN mini-summit, Jill will do as well
  • VM Brasseur ping Sukhdev about blog post
  • VM Brasseur ping Robert for a list of Ambassadors
  • Jill will email Ambassadors to confirm things are still A-OK
  • VM Brasseur email dev@ about Ambassadors, ask to join #events channel
  • VM Brasseur Ask TSC about 5.1 & TF
  • Maddison Long will check whether there'll be any TF content at Cloud Native Day CA
  • VM Brasseur will move blog ideas to Blog Publishing Calendar
  • Jill will follow up with Brandon about the store
  • Maddison Long will move uncovered agenda items to next week's meeting notes

1 Comment


    Based on the NCDC PDF above, they already put me on the speaker list on page 5, even though I just learn about this event today. 

    I might be able to go if I can get an invitation letter.