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  • Review action items from 2019-05-10 Marketing Meeting
  • ET: NCDC update
  • Lisa introducing herself (she may be a few minutes late to the meeting)
  • Move the meeting time? (see the doodle, which shows Friday @ 10:30-11:00 AM PT as the best time)
  • Blog post updates
  • JL: Ambassadors update (might be covered in the action item review)
  • YouTube channel?
    • What, if anything, do we want to do with this?
  • Keeping the wiki front page up to date (events)
  • Schwag strategy
  • Newsletter
  • Technical Marketing Collateral (PPTs)
    • 5.1 updates?
  • LF: Update TF Community on Yandex Case Study
  • LC: Website Review


  • Action item review
    • NCDC update from Edward Ting
      • In a month
      • Sent TF announcement to the community
      • We get to select type of session(s)/time slot
        • Workshop: 100-150
        • Tutorial: 50
        • ET recs a tutorial; more reasonable expectations for attendance
        • ET rec afternoon of 1st day
      • ET finalise these this week
      • Can someone get a blog post together for us?
        • ET will get this together
  • TF Hackathon at ONS EU?
    • LC: Maybe could grab a room in the evening?
  • Lisa!
  • Moving the meeting?
    • 10:30AM PT on Friday
  • Blog update
    • 2 new posts in the last week!
  • YouTube channel…?
    • A lot of us didn't know we have one of these
    • LC: Was talk of consolidating all LFN channels
    • ML: CloudOps is posting here
    • DH: Redapt could add to the collection, too
    • ML: Add the demos we have at the booths (LF Edge demo at ONS NA)
      • Was also an OpenContrail YT channel
      • A "gajillion" videos
      • Pull into the TF YT channel?
      • LC: Probably a lot of them out of date
  • wiki front page out of date…?
  • Website
    • LC's going to do an audit of the website
  • Newsletter?
    • LC: Brandon usually runs this
    • Email him w/stuff to include
    • How to opt-in to this newsletter?

Action items